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Viperbyte 1.11

Description of Viperbyte 1.11:
Viperbyte is a variant on the classical snake game of the 1970's. The game requires two players (human vs human or human vs AI) and the goal is to be the first to achieve 100 points. Points are scored by eating matching color hearts that randomly appear on the playfield, or by eating your opponent's body segments. As you score points, your body grows in length, which in turn can be attacked by your opponent to regain points. If your snake becomes trapped, your body segments are consumed and points are awarded to the opponent. To successfully eat a heart, your snake color must match the heart color. If the color does not match, the heart is still consumed but the points are awarded to your opponent. You can change the color of your snake at any time. Eating hearts also awards venom, which is required to use certain abilities. The pace of the game is increased as a player approaches the winning score. To win, a player must have quick reflexes and a successful strategy in acquiring and using venom. Venom can be used for the following abilities: Attack Ability Charge at your opponent to cut them in half. Score points from the severed body segments. Shield Ability Protects you against one attack from your opponent. Butterfly Bomb Makes your opponents body segments fly off in all directions after a 10 second countdown. The bomb is visible to you but appears as a normal heart to your opponent. Caution: the bomb can be passed back to you if your opponent makes a successful attack in the countdown period! Escape Ability Allows you to slide out of a tricky situation. Prevents loss of body segments when trapped. Sacrifice Ability Sacrifice body segments (and score) to gain venom. This lets you use your other abilities when you need them.

Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android v3.0 or above

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