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Europa 3D Roulette Online

Europa 3D Roulette Online 6.5

Europa 3D Roulette Online - download and play. No installation needed. The object of 3D Roulette is to predict where the ball will come to rest on the roulette wheel.

Dungeon Raiders 2

Dungeon Raiders 2 1.05

This is a "Press Your Luck"-style game. Players play as raiders exploring dungeons. The further in you go, the more loot you'll find, but the higher the risk you'll lose everything you've collected.

Fun Chess 3D

Fun Chess 3D 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 3.00$
  • 01-Sep-2015
  • 11.6 MB

This is a chess game featuring a very powerful chess engine. Delightfully 3D rendered graphics and captivating animations. Play at many difficulty levels. Set the time for the computer to think. Play against a machine or a human.

Aurora Borealis Draughts Lite

Aurora Borealis Draughts Lite 3.6

World most powerful draughts database program with a built-in master-level playing and analysing module that is incredibly convenient and easy to use for both experienced and amateur players.

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe Game 1.9.0

This is a tic tac toe game (also called Noughts and Crosses) against the computer.


flChess 1.0

Chess game with enhanced AI in 3D environment. Main feature - smart artificial intellect, which can give you hard work! For experienced players - chess machine Crafty, which have much rewards!

SA Chess

SA Chess 1.2

  • Shareware
  • 34.99$
  • 20-Sep-2014
  • 38.1 MB

The strong Xiangqi(Chinese Chess) Software, Strong strength as grandmaster; Great move in middle phase, very smart in complicated situation; Can reach over 20 depths on normal computer in a few seconds; Support up to 64 CPU cores;

Europa Craps Online

Europa Craps Online 4.1

Europa Craps Online - download and play. No installation needed. Craps (previously known as crabs) is a casino dice game. Craps is a simplification of the Old English game hazard.

Puzzle Rail Rush Lite

Puzzle Rail Rush Lite 1.3

The railroad is in a complete mess, and you have to fix it, but believe, it's very exciting! You need to think and focus only on moves which lead to the most effective solution (most levels have more the one solution).

GS Inspector

GS Inspector 1.0

Long story short, you will have two pictures in front of you, one of them is original and the other is modified.

Tile Drop

Tile Drop 1.02

Tile Drop is a poker mahjongg hybrid. The objective of which is to accumulate poker hands on any one of the six layouts that exist on each side of the cube.


Ingenious 1.0

Are you ingenious?

ESD tic tac toe

ESD tic tac toe 1.1

tic tac toe / noughts and crosses game for java


Stone-Jong 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 22-Jun-2013
  • 8.8 MB

Stone-Jong turns the classic Solitaire formula upside-down with its unusual gameplay, 3D graphics and 2 game modes.

INTENTION 3D Game System Demo

INTENTION 3D Game System Demo


1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game

1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game 1.0

Play free downloadable game of Snakes and Ladders, which is originated in India and known as Chutes and Ladders in the US.

IQ Lights Off Free Edition

IQ Lights Off Free Edition 1.0

IQ Lights Off Free Edition - You have probably played this little fun game on the internet, on the Apple iPhone or even on a mobile phone with Java support.


Brouf_BackGammon 1.0

An intuitive software to play backgammon through a cool and friendly graphic interface.

Lottso Deluxe

Lottso Deluxe 1.0

Match, Scratch & Win!

Once Upon a Time in Chicago

Once Upon a Time in Chicago 1.0

Once Upon a Time in Chicago, bootleggers, flappers, gangsters, and underground casinos were the norm!