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Gammonet 2.0

  • Shareware
  • 19.00$
  • 18-Dec-2012
  • 3.8 MB

Play backgammon with your friends from all over the world.

Crazy Loops

Crazy Loops 2.3

Logical board game about closed pipe loops

Mahjong Circles

Mahjong Circles 1.0

Circles have never been more fun than with Circle Mahjong!

Clever Mines

Clever Mines 4.0

Looking for mines on triangular or square fields.

St. Patrick's Day Mahjong

St. Patrick's Day Mahjong 1.0

Get lucky this year with St.

Lucky Horseshoe Mahjong

Lucky Horseshoe Mahjong 1.0

Lucky Horseshoe Mahjong is here to be your lucky charm this St.

Crazy Pattern

Crazy Pattern 2.4

Logical action game about finding patterns


Backgammon7 6.0

Play Backgammon online with players from all around the world.

Successful Evolution Of Slots Quiz Guide

Successful Evolution Of Slots Quiz Guide 1.0

This guide is all about the quiz game known only as The Successful Evolution Of Slots Quiz. Check out various tactics and tricks within the guide itself. See if you can solve the difficult quiz in the exciting trivia game.

PairMEM Memory Game

PairMEM Memory Game 1.4.2000

How good is your MEMORY ? PairMem is a classical "Pair the Cards" type memory game, with challenging levels, where you should find 2,3 or 4 matching cards at-a-time! It's an excellent game for Kids too. Completely free for personal use.

xZonesh for PALM

xZonesh for PALM 9.0.0

  • Commercial
  • 12.00$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 58.0 KB

Play Zonesh - simple and addictive board game.
The object of the game is move a stone to the opposite corner.

5uper block buster

5uper block buster 2.3

5uper block buster (touch) is a skill arcade game. Get the highest score you can by removing large blocks of the same color. compete with all the other players of this great addictive game!

Clown Fish Adventure

Clown Fish Adventure 2.0

Fishy, the little clownfish, has got a great problem:
An evil predatory fish has stolen the eggs with his future children and scattered them everywhere.

Bullseye Mahjong

Bullseye Mahjong 4.0

Hit the mark every time with Bullseye Mahjong. This strategy game is much more difficult than traditional mahjong solitaire, so you need to make sure that every move counts.

Heart Mahjong Solitaire

Heart Mahjong Solitaire 1

Valentine's Day Heart Mahjong Solitaire will fill you with love. Match tiles lovingly to remove them from the game. When all mahjong tiles have found their significant others, you beat this board game.

Tic Tac Files

Tic Tac Files 2.1

  • Shareware
  • 8.99$
  • 23-Oct-2012
  • 15.5 MB

We modernized an ancient logic game for you - check Tic Tac Files out NOW!
Three thousand years ago, we believed that the Earth is flat board and THAT IS WHY the Tic Tac Toe (XO-game) has been played at the flat game board.

Tams11 Hangman

Tams11 Hangman

Up to Six players can compete to prevent the man from being hung. Players take turns guessing letters that are found in the puzzle. If the letter is not found, then the man is one step closer to getting hung.

How Slot Machines Are Viewed Quiz Guide

How Slot Machines Are Viewed Quiz Guide 1.0

This guide is all about the game known only as How Slot Machines Are Viewed Quiz. You shall find various tips and tricks to help you win in this guide. See if you can solve the formidable quiz in the labyrinthine trivia game.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire 5

Spider Solitaire is one of the world's most popular versions of the card game solitaire. Unlike Klondike (or regular) Solitaire, Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards.

Gra Mario

Gra Mario 1.0

Gra Mario is the fangame created by Reuch Shosh from Rumia. Game idea is very simple, based on Super Mario Bros 3. Walk on map and beat the special rooms with many kinds of environments, bowser minions, traps.