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Backgammon N01

Backgammon N01 8

How to Play Backgammon
The object of the game is to be the first to get all your checkers off the board.
Playing the Backgammon game

Sudoku N00

Sudoku N00 08.0

A chess sudoku online game. Sudoku rules - Sudoku is played over a 9x9 grid, divided to 3x3 sub grids called "regions": Region - Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells already filled with numbers:

The MagicBook

The MagicBook 3

The MagicBook is a colouring book with a twist! allow children of all ages to develop their computer and artistic skills whilst they are completely absorbed in its fun filled world. Download your free copy today!


SpeedReader 0.5

SpeedReader helps you improve your reading speed. It is simple, interesting, challenging, and fun to play with.


FlipFlop 3.1.1

FLIPFLOP is a game similar to Othello with additional features: Up to 4 people may play simultaneously and a study feature allows you to train different topics by playing.


Interlex 2.4

Interlex is a vocabulary builder for learning foreign words and phrases. Features include: 4 testing modes; multiple translations; intelligent response evaluation; powerful editor; automatic keyboard & font selection; vocabulary files in 5 languages.


Math-A-Maze 1.1

Find your way through a maze of numbers and mathematical operators by carving out equations whose sums equal the required values. Randomly generated mazes of different sizes for unending variety and all skill levels.


CrashBangWallop!3 3.0.12

CrashBangWallop!3 is software designed to encourage babies and toddlers to explore the computer keyboard. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are supported.

Cricket Puzzle

Cricket Puzzle 1.1

6 in 1 Educational puzzle game.

Note Attack

Note Attack 1.36

Learn to read sheet music with this free educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as input.

Godspeed 3D

Godspeed 3D Freeware

Wild roller coaster-like race through virtual worlds! Choose the lane where you hear the Bible truth or run off the end of the road!

Popup Dictionary

Popup Dictionary 2.0.106

This program helps you to learn any foreign language words or just some definitions in your original language. You will know them by heart with the help ofthis program. Just add your words, set the time, andthe program will randomly ask you the trans...

Scripture Solitaire John 3 16

Scripture Solitaire John 3 16 1

Each card has a short phrase in place of the rank (King, Queen, etc.). When those phrases are put together in order, they form a Bible verse (John 3:16). Scripture Solitaire is a fun way to incorporate Godls word into your life! Requires at least Dir...

Dr. WuWu's Catch 24

Dr. WuWu's Catch 24 1.00

A dynamic math card game. When playing the game, you exercise your brain while having fun. In this game, you are randomly dealt four cards. You want to use the numbers of the four cards to calculate the result of value 24. You can use addition, subtr...

ABC Color With Me

ABC Color With Me 1.0

Color pictures while listening to songs. Pick from animals, birds or children to color. Lots of pictures are available. When the coloring window opens, you can fill with color, draw, erase and much more. This free program will keep the kids entertain...


Gravitorium 0.3.1

The prime purpose of Gravitorium is to let you play with'What If' ideas about gravity and gravitational systems. It's not intended as a serious solar system simulator, though its accuracy is pretty good over modest periods of time (a hundred years or...

Hayley's Tables

Hayley's Tables RC3

Simple multiplication program.

Verses For Life Bible Memory

Verses For Life Bible Memory 1.2a

A Christian software program designed to help you learn and memorize the Word of God. It comes with verses from the NIV Bible, and they are grouped by Topic. A note is provided with each verse to enhance your understanding. There are 3 basic modes available in this program: Learn a verse and itsreference, Review the verse text if given its reference, and finally Review the reference if given its verse text. The FREEWARE Edition contains more than 75 pre-loaded verses. The registered Deluxe Edition contains 450 verses on more than 100 topics.You can also Add or Edit your own topics and verses in the Deluxe Edition. In addition, theDatabase Conversion Tool is included.