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Stone Stream

Stone Stream 0.1

Stone Stream is a viewer / editor of the Go (Weiqi, Baduk) game records.
* Works with SGF v.4 and SSR files
* Very special Game Tree
* Three modes: view, problem and edit
* Multi-tab interface


mpowerplayer 2.0

Mpowerplayer is your digital hub for mobile gaming. Download the player for free, browse the games, and play before you pay. It's the smart way to buy mobile games.

Platform Studio

Platform Studio 3.0

This easy-to-use program creates professional-quality platform and 2D games.

DimensioneX Multiplayer Game Engine

DimensioneX Multiplayer Game Engine 5.61

It is a freeware, open source software kit for developing and running multiplayer adventure games. It is a freeware, open source software kit for developing and running multiplayer adventure games.


CaptainCooksPoker 2.0

Winners are guaranteed a buy-in to the most exciting poker tournaments in the world. Some special poker tournaments have a guarantee of at least $1,000,000!


Free 1.0

Everyone can remember the moments of sitting in the dark and watching the fire. Nothing can catch your eyes like the flames of burning fire. Download this Screensaver and add the magic of the irresistible charm of cyberfire to your Desktop!


NamegeneratorWin 0.97

Create random names using semantic rules. You can easiely create your own rules.

Random Dice Roller

Random Dice Roller 3.0

This little RPG tool will let you define how many dice and then how many sides on the dice and then roll them for you. Plain and simple.

Shadow Keeper

Shadow Keeper 1.4.4

Shadow Keeper allows you to edit your Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn saved game files. You can edit your ability scores, saving throws, resistances, experience points, inventory, spells, innate abilities, etc... Also included are item and spell br...


Qtracker 2.3 Beta 18

Want to play your favorite games on the Internet or at your local LAN party? Want to listen to streaming MP3s? Look no further. Qtracker searches through thousands of Internet-based servers to find you the best place to play, or the music you want to...

Chip's Challenge Editor

Chip's Challenge Editor 3.11

Are you sick of playing the same old Chip's Challenge levels? Then get the Chip's Challenge Editor. You can create over 250 of your own levels, or edit the originals. Also with a playtesting feature! Download it now!

The Deck Press

The Deck Press 1b19

Deck builder for Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks. Now you can add images of your favorite characters, your cat, your dog, your pet sock, you name it, you can make it into a deck for Hardwood Solitaire II.


Qselect 1.0

A Quake 2 frontend which can change between the different versions of the game. With QSelect you can select the mod you want to play, and the program will change Quake 2 to the 3.05, 3.10, 3.13 or 3.14 version and then start the mod. This solves a common problem in Quake 2.