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Name The Picture - funny captions game

Name The Picture - funny captions game 1.2

Name The Picture - The online funny captions game. Each person in the room sees a picture, and has to come up with a funny caption. When everyone has written their captions, each caption is revealed and voted against by the players. Most votes wins!

Chicken Lines

Chicken Lines 2.0.7

Chicken Lines is a new variant of Lines game. Your aim is to try to clear the 10x10 game board , while the chicken keep appearing on it. Align five or more chicken of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines, and remove them.

Frog Puzzle

Frog Puzzle 1.0

Frog Puzzle is an animated jigsaw puzzle for your entertainment! The game features colorful graphics and fun, easy gameplay. Saving frogs is fun! It's a challenge to assemble moving and rotating pieces into an amusing cartoon.


Sokofun 1.5

"SOKOFUN" includes three SOKOBAN - style games:SOKOBLUE - SOKOLOR - SOKONEXYou have to master lots of levels by pushing boxes the right way.

Paranoid Pete Demo

Paranoid Pete Demo 1.0

Paranoid Pete is a fun, challenging 2d puzzle game. Great game for all ages and helpful in developing problem-solving skills.

Mail-Room Madness

Mail-Room Madness 1.5

Mail-Room Madness is a logic game in which a disgruntled employee has scattered letters around the mail-room. You must try and collect them again using boxes, rolling reels, movable elevators and bombs.

Robot Puzzle

Robot Puzzle 1.11

Captain Corbett has a problem. He can't recall the correct assembly sequence for the XTR-4 activation disks. Without it, the robot will fail to activate, and the POLARIS mission will be a failure! Can you help activate the XTR-4 robot?

The Bird Cage Puzzle

The Bird Cage Puzzle 1.16

The Emperor is an impatient man. He wants to relocate the many bird cages found throughout his palace, and has enlisted your help in finding the most efficient route for doing so. Are you up to the task? (3 variations included).

Tile Golf Puzzle

Tile Golf Puzzle 1.29

A unique and challenging golf puzzle. The puzzle consits of 10 tiles, 9 of which are square and 1 of which is rectangular. The object is to get the golf ball into the hole using the fewest number of strokes.

Blinky Blink

Blinky Blink 1.3

Test your memory and your reflexes by clicking on the blinking lights. Match the pattern and you win! Great for learning how to use a mouse as well. Adjustable skill levels help give you a real workout.

Custom Concentration

Custom Concentration 1.0

Test your memory in the classic tile-matching game, Concentration. Not only can you play Concentration with one of several included graphics sets, but you can also create your own games from images on your computer or on the Internet.


MemoLine 1.0

MemoLine is the 'off-line' version of an online game created for the website of a French preschool. It's a Memory Game with drawings by French kids of 4 and 5.