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Tennis Addict by JAMDAT (Smartphone) 1.0.5

Description of Tennis Addict by JAMDAT (Smartphone) 1.0.5:
Prepare yourself for the most addictive mobile sports game ever: Tennis Addict 1.0.5! Tennis Addict is sure to please even the most demanding sports fan. The intuitive interface and realistic ball physics make it easy to play, even for beginners. Choose from 16 different opponents and four court types, each with their own unique characteristics and challenges. Play a quick game using the "Quick Match" option, or play an entire tournament where you have to climb your way to the top, match by match. The game keeps track of your progress, even when you stop for a break. Features: Select from four different court types: indoor carpet, outdoor clay, and real or synthetic grass. Get rewarded for high scores with better performing racquets and tougher players to beat. Win experience points that increase your strength, stamina, and speed in order to compete at a higher level. Play a quick game using the "Quick Match" option, practice in the training mode, or play an entire tournament where you have to climb your way to the top, match by match. Choose from 16 different 3D-rendered opponents with fully animated and realistic strokes, serves, volleys, smashes, and dives. Each opponent has their own unique characteristics and challenges. Hear the crowd cheer and the referee call the play. Tennis Addict brings a whole new level of control to mobile gaming, ensuring Tennis Addict will become an instant classic among sports games for the Microsoft Smartphone.

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