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<p>As soon as people began to reflect on stars, fantastic dreams of space exploration occurred. For a long time people have been dreaming of conquering the whole universe. Now we can do it! We can set a complete monopoly in space! This game is a real boon for those who like to play monopoly. Long-awaited continuation of a big business is finally realized. <p>A monopoly in the real estate is already set long ago. This is not true for space. Space is a quite unmastered area. In this economic strategy You will have to master space on the basis of monopoly laws! Having a small start-up capital and a perfect spaceship, you must conquer the whole galaxy. <p>Rolling dice, the players shift in space according to the number of planets specified. When visiting a planet, they can buy it and build the mighty base there. <p>As soon as Your opponents arrive to Your base, they have to pay you a contribution. Having conquered all planets of the same color, you can set powerful rockets on them which multiply considerably the size of contribution. The purpose is simple: to bring to ruin the opponents and remain the only monopolist in Space. <p>This game looks much like an original monopoly: there are sectors in the game, different events, opponents and even absolutely realistic dice. This game can be played by from one to six players at a time. Note that they can be both human-players and computer-opponents. You can choose the complexity level (beginner, professional) if playing against a computer. <p>Excellent graphics! The game is developed in a 3D space. You manage not a usual wooden chip, but a real spaceship. You can play for one of six races, each having its unique culture and traditions. <p>So put off all Your proceedings for a couple of days, and go ahead, start Your engines!

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