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Description of TravianTray
- Auto-Building and Auto-Destruction houses - AutoFarming/AutoTraining troops - Village Status Details screen. Features: - Shows status of current troop movements - Shows status of current building processes - Easy navigation between villages - Show information if warehouse or granary is full or granary is empty - Highlighting village where your hero is staying now. - Event Log screen. The screen contains history (log) of all events in the game: - Showing history of Travian events: - new attack reinforcement - finished attack reinforcement - new report - new message - building is finished - warehouse or granary is full - granary is empty - resources were sent - ability to be collapsed and stay on - show last news info in moving title - Farm List screen. The screen allows you to send troops easily and view history attack. General features: - Viewing attack history for selected villages - UI for sending troops to selected villages. - Favorite Farms list. List of villages you often farm - Stores attacks history locally. So you can see whole history of attacks (not only 5 last) on village. - Search playersOCO village by player name - Search neighborhood villages by coordinates - Search alliance - Send fake attacks (spam) to many villages simultaneously. You can send attack even to whole alliance! - Integration with homepage It allows: - Open player activity page on homepage - Open player alliance page on homepage - Show online status of player (green, yellow, red, gray circles) - Send Resources tool. It allows you easy to send resources between your villages. General features: - Send resources spending ONLY 5 SECONDS for operation. (By using browser one sending resource operation needs at least 15 seconds) - Send 1-hour production and donate Wonder

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